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Crested Butte, CO

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Bails N' Rails Rail Jam

11 years past, a visionary group of Mountaineers created the Western Campus Rail Jam. This event changed the path for diverse Western students alike: some who had ski or snowboarded lifelong but especially for those who had only heard the murmurs. The event generates so much buzz for skiing it can lead a few individuals to “send-it” and become a crew on the slopes. The event highlights the ever-growing culture of Wester Colorado University’s (WCU) link to Outdoor Recreation. On average the coldest town in Colorado, (not to mention the third coldest in the lower 48), Gunnison attracts a different breed and in the event of a Rail Jam even those occasional -20°F nights do not scare anyone off. The hype only grows for this event as winter presses in on Gunnison country. This event has allowed Western students to engage in competition against one another in the realm of sliding rails, throwing rad tricks, and showing off their personal steeze. After being cancelled in the 2015-16 season the rail jam came back full of steam thanks to a number of ICE students. Now being the 10th year, we are bringing the Rail Jam event to a whole new level, opening up registration to other colleges around the state. Making this one of the biggest events held by Colorado ICE project and Western Colorado University. 

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Tickets to ride: $20 Day of: $25

Free admission for attendees!

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